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Policy 3-022: Garnishments

Revison 0. Effective date: November 12, 1971

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  1. Purpose and Scope
  2. Definitions
  3. Policy
  4. Policies/ Rules, Procedures, Guidelines, Forms and other Related Resources
  5. References
  6. Contacts
  7. History

  1. Purpose and Scope‌

    1. Purpose.

      To define and outline the university policy toward garnishments.

    2. Scope.


  2. Definitions‌

    The following definitions apply for the limited purposes of this policy and any associated regulations.

    1. Garnishment - A legal proceeding imposed by a court of law upon the university requiring payment to a third party of monies earned by personnel.

  3. Policy‌

    1. Individual's pay will be held upon receipt of a garnishment by the university until a court order is issued indicating satisfaction of the indebtedness or until ordered to surrender the monies to the court or its agent.

    2. Garnishments or threats of garnishments are expensive to both the university and the individual and should be avoided.

    3. The university may not discharge any faculty or staff member because the faculty member's or staff member's earnings have been subjected to garnishment for any one indebtedness.

      Sections IV- VII are for user information and are not subject to the approval of the Academic Senate or the Board of Trustees. The Institutional Policy Committee, the Policy Owner, or the Policy Officer may update these sections at any time.

  4. Policies/ Rules, Procedures, Guidelines, Forms and other Related Resources‌

    1. Policies/ Rules. [ reserved ]

    2. Procedures, Guidelines, and Forms. [ reserved ]

    3. Other Related Resources. [ reserved ]

  5. References‌

    1. reserved ]

  6. Contacts‌

    The designated contact officials for this Regulation are

    1. Policy Owner(s) (primary contact person for questions and advice): Associate Controller, Tax Services and Payroll Accounting

    2. Policy Officer(s): Chief Financial Officer

      See Rule 1-001 for information about the roles and authority of policy owners and policy officers.

  7. History‌

    Revision History.

    1. Current version. Revision 0.

      1. Effective date November 12, 1971

      2. Editorial Revisions

        1. Editorially revised February 9, 2023 to move to current regulations template.

        2. Editorially revised April 5, 2022 to replace gender-specific pronouns.

    2. Previous versions.

    3. Renumbering

      1. Renumbered from PPM 2-24.

Last Updated: 2/9/23