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College Council Charters

Per Policies 6-001 and 6-003, a college council is established for each academic college or library within the University. Such college councils have significant roles in shared governance of academic matters at the University. In addition to the University Regulations governing the establishment and functions of college councils, each college council is required to develop a charter addressing the policy requirements. The final charter and subsequent edits are approved by the Academic Senate Executive Committee. 

For assistance with drafting and the approval process, please contact Trina Rich in the Office for Faculty at or 801.581.6690. 

Current College Council Charters

College/School/Library Approval Date
College of Architecture + Planning September 20, 2021
David Eccles School of Business August 14, 2023
School of Cultural and Social Transformation June 11, 2018 (provisional)
School of Dentistry April 17, 2023
College of Education April 15, 2024
College of Engineering October 21, 2013
College of Fine Arts April 18, 2022
College of Health June 12, 2023
Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library February 22, 2016
College of Humanities November 17, 2014
S.J. Quinney College of Law/James E. Faust Law Library     October 14, 1976
J. Willard Marriott Library December 15, 2014
Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine August 26, 2019
College of Nursing June 6, 2022
College of Pharmacy April 15, 2024
College of Science March 18, 2024
  • College of Mines and Earth Sciences
College of Social and Behavioral Science December 15, 2014
College of Social Work 2003
Last Updated: 5/9/24