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Recently Revised Regulations

Policy 6-101: Undergraduate Studies and Degrees

Effective May 14, 2024, the University revised Policy 6-101: Undergraduate Studies and Degrees to allow for portfolio-based assessment of prior learning.

Policy 6-314: Leaves of Absence for Faculty and Related Regulations

Effective April 9, 2024, the University revised the following leaves of absence regulations have been updated and approved: Policy 5-201 and Rule R5-201A, Policy 5-202, and Policy 6-314. In addition, the University created three new rules: Rule R6-314A: Faculty Sabbatical Leaves Rule R6-314B: Administrator Leave for Administrators with Tenure-line or Career-line Faculty Appointments Rule R6-314C: Leaves of Absence without Pay and Leaves of Absence with Partial Pay Changes to these regulations were made to alleviate pain points and to reduce misinformation. Updates include centralizing faculty leaves, removing duplicate information, to separating certain faculty leave types into new rules for easy access, renaming administrative leave to administrator leave, editing and reorganizing language to improve clarity and flow, removing outdated practices and requirements, and simplifying procedures. In addition, eligibility for administrator and sabbatical leaves have been clarified and the partially paid leave of absence had been added to regulations.

Policy 3-163: University Trademarks

Effective April 9, 2024, the University created Policy 3-163: Trademark Use and Licensing. This new policy formalizes operational guidelines around trademark licensing to align with federal law and industry best practices.

Rule R5200A: Scope, Eligibility and Limitations for Leaves of Absence (Health-Related) - University Employees (Other than UUHC Staff) and R5-200B: Paid Time Off (PTO), Holidays, Paid Parental Leave, and Other Paid Leave for University of Utah Health, Hospitals and Clinics Staff Members

Effective April 1, 2024, the University revised Rule R5-200A and R5-200B to no longer require partners or spouses who are University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics or campus staff members to split the paid parental leave benefit. In addition, this change adds two unpaid leave provisions to the University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics rule that are current practices.

Policy 6-300: The University Faculty -- Categories and Ranks

Effective February 13, 2024, and in response to feedback, Policy 6-300 has been updated to better reflect the process for the selection of Distinguished Professors. The edits remove outdated practices, add a high level overview of the procedure, and reorganize existing language.

Last Updated: 11/29/21