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Policy 1-004: Violence in the Workplace and Academic Environment

Revision #2. Effective date: October 11, 2011.

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  1. Purpose and Scope
  2. Definitions
  3. Policy
  4. Policies/ Rules, Procedures, Guidelines, Forms and other Related Resources
  5. References
  6. Contacts
  7. History

  1. Purpose and Scope‌

    1. Purpose.

      The University of Utah strives to maintain a work and learning environment that is free of violent behavior, including, but not limited to, verbal and/or physical aggression, attacks, threats, harassment, intimidation, or other disruptive behavior in any form, which causes or could cause a reasonable person to fear physical harm or damage to property.

    2. Scope.

      This Policy applies to academic, administrative, research, and service departments, programs, activities, and services wherever University business is conducted. This Policy extends to persons conducting business with or visiting the University, even though such persons may not be directly affiliated with the University.

  2. Definitions‌

    The following definitions apply for the limited purposes of this policy and any associated regulations.

    1. Violence in the Workplace or Academic Environment - Any behavior, action or statement made by an individual or group directed toward another individual, or group, that is threatening or intimidating and causes any reasonable individual who is the recipient of the behavior, action or statement to fear for the individual's safety and/or property. Such violence may be in the form of, but not limited to:

      1. causing or attempting to cause bodily injury or intimidation to another person; or

      2. intentionally destroying or damaging any property, public or private; or

      3. approaching or threatening another with a weapon; or

      4. making any oral, written, or physical gesture as a threat to harm any person or property.

    2. Intimidation - Stalking or engaging in actions that frighten, coerce, or induce duress regarding anyone's safety or personal property.

    3. Weapons - Firearms, knives, explosives, or other items which are capable of inflicting serious bodily harm.

  3. Policy‌

    1. The University endeavors to maintain an educational and working environment free from violence and intimidation. It is the responsibility of all administrators, faculty, staff employees, and students to maintain a University environment free from violence.

    2. This Policy applies to students, staff and faculty. The University will communicate and enforce expectations regarding violent behavior for faculty members, staff employees, customers, students, patients, vendors, guests and other individuals or groups conducting University business at any location or visiting the University's campus, Hospitals and Clinics, or any other University locations.

    3. Violence in the University environment will not be tolerated in any form in any of the activities or offices of the University of Utah.

    4. Subject to the applicable disciplinary process, any person who engages in violent acts or threatens violent acts on University property, or while conducting University business off campus may be removed from the premises as quickly as safety permits, and may be required to remain off University property pending the outcome of an investigation. The University will initiate an appropriate response, which may include, but is not limited to, suspension and/or termination of any business relationship, reassignment of job duties, suspension or termination of employment, and/or dismissal of the person or persons involved.

    5. Complaints of violence, assaults, threats and intimidation will be treated seriously and will be promptly investigated with reasonable steps taken to protect the safety and privacy of all persons involved.

      Sections IV- VII are for user information and are not subject to the approval of the Academic Senate or the Board of Trustees. The Institutional Policy Committee, the Policy Owner, or the Policy Officer may update these sections at any time.

  4. Policies/ Rules, Procedures, Guidelines, Forms and other Related Resources‌

    1. Policies/ Rules.

      1. Rule 1-004A: Application of the Violence in the Workplace and Academic Environment Policy

    2. Procedures, Guidelines, and Forms.

      1. Guideline 1-004B: Dealing with Disruptive and Threatening People in the Workplace

      2. Guideline 1-004C: Managing Difficult Student Behavior

    3. Other Related Resources.

      1. Policy 1-004 Frequently Asked Questions

  5. References‌

    1. Policy 1-012: University Non-Discrimination Policy

    2. Policy 5-111: Corrective Action and Termination Policy for Staff Employee

    3. Policy 5-203: Staff Employee Grievances

    4. Policy 5-106: Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination Employment

    5. Policy 6-400: Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities

    6. Policy 6-316: Code of Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

  6. Contacts‌

    The designated contact officials for this regulation are

    1. Policy Owner(s) (primary contact person for questions and advice): Chief Safety Officer

    2. Policy Officer(s): Vice President and General Counsel

      See Rule 1-001 for information about the roles and authority of policy owners and policy officers.

  7. History‌

    1. Current version. Revision 2.

      1. Approved by Academic Senate October 3, 2011 and Board of Trustees October 11, 2011 with Effective Date of October 11, 2011.

      2. Editorial Revisions

        1. Editorially revised September 20, 2022 to move to current regulations template

        2. Editorially revised February 25, 2022 to replace gender-specific pronouns.

    2. Previous Versions

      1. Revision 1: Effective January 4, 2007

      2. Revision 0: Effective April 10, 2006

    3. Renumbering

      1. Renumbered from Policy and Procedures Manual 2-76.

Last Updated: 10/3/23