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Questions for Regulation Writers

Policy writers should consider and discuss the questions on this page as part of the policy development process. Stakeholders and reviewers can also consider these questions when reviewing policy changes.

Policy writers and reviewers are not required to provided written answers to these questions as part of the revision process, but instead are encouraged to use them as a tool to think through proposed policy changes.

  • Background Questions: Questions to help understand that policy issue, existing regulatory framework, and options
  • Purpose and Impact Questions:Questions related to the reason for the policy change and how it will impact members of the University community, including how it addresses disparities 
  • Implementation Questions: Questions related to how the policy change will be carried out across the whole University community

Background Questions

  • What, if anything, do existing University regulations cover related to this topic? If there is more than one regulation about this topic, will your proposed change cause a conflict with another existing regulation? If so, you should propose revisions to the other regulation at the same time as the proposed change.
  • What, if any state or federal requirements is the University subject to related to this policy?
  • How do other higher education institutions address this topic in policy?
  • Who within the University community should be involved in revising the policy? How can you broaden the input you’re receiving on this potential policy change?

Purpose and Impact Questions

  • What problem is the policy revision trying to solve and what is the reason for the policy revision?
  • Who is affected by this change? Specifically, who benefits from the change and who does the policy leave out?
  • Does the policy increase access and opportunity for all? How?
  • Will the policy have a positive impact on full participation of all people (in the process, in implementation, in breadth of outreach and participation, in decision-making and culture of decision-making etc.)
  • Are there changes you could make to this policy to ensure it provides equal opportunity?

Implementation Questions

  • Keeping in mind that policies, rules, and procedures are binding on the University community, what is the correct level of detail for this regulation? Are exceptions needed?
  • What support or information will organizational units need to implement this change? How do you plan to provide this support of information?
  •  What are organizational units doing now related to this issue? To what extent will your policy revision require a change to organizational units’ policies or practices?
  • Does this policy change have a financial cost, and if so, how will it be paid for?
  • What is the timeframe for making this change in practice?
  • How will you measure the impact of the policy and ensure that there are not negative unintended consequences of the policy change?
Last Updated: 5/23/24