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Policy 2-003: The President of the University

Revision 1. Effective date: February 8, 2022

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I. Purpose and Scope.

II. Definitions.

III. Policy.

A. Appointment and Authority.

B. Responsibilities. 

C. Duties. 

D. Rule Promulgation Authority.

IV. Rules, Procedures, Guidelines, Forms and other Related Resources


VI. Contacts

VII. History

  1. Purpose and Scope
    1. Purpose.

      The purpose of this policy is to document the appointment process, responsibilities, duties, and rule promulgation authority of the President of the University of Utah.

    2. Scope.

      The scope of this policy is limited to the position of President of the University of Utah.

  2. Definitions

  3. Policy

    1. Appointment and Authority

      1. The Utah Board of Higher Education, after consulting with the University Board of Trustees, shall appoint a president of the university, who is responsible to the state board, and shall serve at the pleasure of the board and at such salary as it may determine and fix.

    2. Responsibilities

      1. The president of university is responsible to the Utah Board of Higher Education for the governance and administration of the university. The president, with the assistance of the Board of Trustees, is responsible (1) for the property, both personal and real, established at the university as of June 30, 1969, together with such additions thereto as the board may from time to time approve; and (2) for the education, safety, and welfare, for the good of education in the state and the university, of all persons admitted and enrolled, employed, or otherwise entering university premises, under such rules and regulations as the university shall establish.

    3. Duties

      1. Providing the board, through the commissioner of higher education, with such information relating to the operation of the university and in such form as may be required.

      2. Appointing, prescribing the duties, providing and under general board policies fixing the salaries of the faculties, staffs, officers and employees of the university reporting periodically actions on personnel as may be required by the board.

      3. Issuing institutional rules and regulations governing the well-being of persons and the security of property at the university, with the approval of the Board of Trustees, consistent with law and the policies of the board.

        In addition to the above, the president may, with the approval of the Board of Trustees:

        1. Provide for the constitution and organization of the faculty and administration of the university, and enact rules and regulations for the government of the faculty and employees, including the establishment of a prescribed system of tenure.

        2. Commit to the faculty of the university, the general initiation and direction of instruction and of the examination, admission, and classification of students, designed to further identification with and involvement in the university's pursuit of achievement and excellence and in fulfillment of the university's role as established in the state-wide master plan for higher education.

        3. Enact rules and regulations for administration and operation of the university which are not inconsistent with the prescribed role established by the board, rules and regulations enacted by the board, or the laws of Utah. Such rules and regulations may provide for administrative, faculty, student and joint committees with jurisdiction over specified university matters and provide for student government and student affairs organization and provide for the establishment and publication of institutional standards involving the educational policy and programs in furtherance of the ideals of higher education fostered and subscribed to by the institution, its administration, faculty and students.

        4. Exercise power and authority delegated by the board, and other necessary and proper exercise of such powers and authority not denied the institution by the board or law to assure the effective and efficient administration and operation of the university so long as the delegations of authority are consistent with the master plan for higher education.

    4. Rule Promulgation Authority

      1. The president of the university has the authority and shall issue institutional rules and regulations governing the well-being of persons and the security of property. All existing rules are in effect, and new enactments shall be in effect when issued by the president and approved by the Board of Trustees. In an emergency, to maintain the safety and well-being of persons and the security of property, the president, with the approval of the Board of Trustees, may issue regulations taking effect without having to report and file the regulations with the board.

        Sections IV- VII are for user information and are not subject to the approval of the Academic Senate or the Board of Trustees. The Institutional Policy Committee, the Policy Owner, or the Policy Officer may update these sections at any time.

  4. Rules, Procedures, Guidelines, Forms and other Related Resources

    1. Rules. [ reserved ]

    2. Procedures, Guidelines, and Forms. [ reserved ]

    3. Other Related Resources. [ reserved ]

  5. References

    1. Utah Code 53B-2-102

    2. Utah Code 53B-2-106

    3. Policy 2-002: Board of Trustees

  6. Contacts

    The designated contact officials for this Regulation are

    1. Policy Owner(s) (primary contact for questions and advice): Executive Assistant to the President.

    2. Policy Officer(s): President of the University

      See University Rule 1-001 for information about the roles and authority of policy owners and policy officers.

  7. History

    Renumbering September 15, 2008

    Revision History.

    1. Current version. Revision 1.

      1. Approved by -- Academic Senate January 10, 2022, and Board of Trustees February 8, 2022, with an effective date of February 8, 2022.

        Legislative History for revision 1.

    2. Past versions.

      1. Revision 0, effective August 24, 1982- February 7, 2022

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