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Policy 6-318: Acquisition and Control of Non-Library Books

Revision 2. Effective date: May 12, 2008

    1. To outline university policy regarding:
      1. books acquired by or on behalf of the university or any of its departments through research contracts and grants, development funds, or general funds; and
      2. other books received from publishers or distributors by University employees (including faculty members) and not purchased with personal funds (i.e., "complimentary books" or review copies.")
    2. This policy does not apply to university libraries.
    1. For the purposes of this policy, the term "books" shall be interpreted to include not only the traditional format of bound printed pages typically used in University courses at the time of adoption of this policy, but also includes materials, information, teaching instruments or data collections distributed in any media, including but not limited to audio and videotapes, digital storage media such as optical or magnetic disks, and internet or similar transmittal for which fees are typically charged.
    1. Books acquired by any department of the university other than the university library through research contracts and grants, development funds, or general funds shall be controlled by the requisitioning department.
    2. All books acquired by university departments, except those acquired with funds from a grant or contract which restricts marking or identifying books, should be stamped by the department ordering the books. Books should be stamped "University of Utah" on the title page and top edge of the book.
    3. Title to all books purchased under research or training contracts or grants shall be vested according to the agency regulations at the time of the acquisition. At the termination of the contract or grant such books will become the property of the university or returned to the awarding agency if required by agency regulation. It is the primary responsibility of the principal investigator to comply with the specific grant or contract regulation. Books not reverting to the contract-granting agency should be stamped by the department and if no longer needed by the department forwarded to the university library.
    4. Departmental collections developed with non-library book purchases will come under the jurisdiction of the director of libraries when they exceed one thousand titles.
    5. To comply with state law, books received from publishers or distributors by university employees (including faculty members) and not purchased with personal funds (i.e., "complimentary books" or "review copies") are the property of the University of Utah and may not be sold or exchanged for personal gain. Employees may, however, retain these books for use, at their discretion, for academic or professional purposes , and (absent extraordinary circumstances) these books may be retained by a departing employee. Employees may dispose of complimentary books that they judge are not useful.

      1. [Note: Parts IV-VII of this Regulation (and all other University Regulations) are Regulations Resource Information – the contents of which are not approved by the Academic Senate or Board of Trustees, and are to be updated from time to time as determined appropriate by the cognizant Policy Officer and the Institutional Policy Committee, as per Policy 1-001 and Rule 1-001.]
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    5. Other related resource materials
  5. References:
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  6. Contacts:
    1. The designated contact officials for this Policy are:
      1. Policy Owners (primary contact person for questions and advice): Associate Vice President for Faculty and the Associate Vice President for Health Sciences.
      2. Policy Officers: Sr. Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Sr. Vice President for Health Sciences.
    2. See University Rule 1-001 for information about the roles and authority of policy owners and policy officers.
  7. History:
    1. Current Version: 2
    2. Approved: Academic Senate: May 5, 2008
    3. Board of Trustees: May 12, 2008
    4. Effective Date: May 12, 2008
    5. Background Information for Policy 6-318 Revision 2: Appendix

Policy: 6-318 Rev: 2
Date: May 12, 2008

Last Updated: 4/5/22