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Policy 3-210: Facility Operations/Maintenance

  1. Purpose
    1. To describe Facility Operations services.
  2. References
    1. Policy 3-234, Key Policy
  3. Definitions
    1. Maintenance and Operation Services - These services consist of legislatively funded work performed by Facility Operations to maintain and operate the university campus including maintenance of campus grounds, utility systems, most buildings, and permanent fixtures or equipment designated as part of a building or utility (delivery) system, but exclude maintenance and repair of departmental equipment.
    2. Departmentally Funded Services - These services include the maintenance and repair of departmental equipment, minor remodeling of facilities and systems as approved by Campus Design and Construction, Rental/Lease of motor pool vehicles, vehicle servicing, fabrication services, and special event set ups.
    3. Departmental Equipment - Departmental equipment is defined as equipment acquired with departmental funds and not vital to the operation of a building as a structure. Equipment in this category includes portable air conditioners and coolers, personal computers, typewriters, copying and fax machines, special laboratory equipment, etc.
  4. Policy
    1. Facility Operations provides two general types of services:
      1. Maintenance and Operation Services
        1. Facility Operations has responsibility for the delivery of custodial services, maintenance and operation of most campus buildings, the maintenance and operation of utility, heating, ventilating, and cooling distribution systems, and the upkeep of university grounds and roadways including snow removal. In addition, Facility Operations provides a motor pool, moving and heavy equipment services, and a complete line of shop services to meet campus maintenance needs, departmental fabrication and other special or technical requirements.
      2. Departmentally Funded Services
        1. Facility Operations does not have responsibility for maintenance of the University Hospital, School of Medicine and related facilities, Rice Stadium, A. Ray Olpin University Union, residence halls, the bookstore, or any other auxiliary functions, but will provide maintenance and operation services on a reimbursement basis.
        2. Requests for departmentally funded services require the submittal of a campus order to Facility Operations. Cost estimates and bids for Facility Operations services may be obtained by contacting Facility Operations Central Services Division. All requests involving remodeling, redesign or redecorating of existing buildings, as well as new structures must be referred to Campus Design and Construction.
    2. Emergency service calls are handled by Facility Operations Dispatch Office.
    3. Only authorized personnel are permitted on the roofs of university buildings. Permission to access roofs of university buildings must be obtained and scheduled through Facility Operations Carpenter/Roofing Shop.
    4. Keys to the University Medical Center, School of Medicine, Dumke Biomedical Engineering Research Building, Wintrobe Research Building and Hospital Clinics and support buildings are obtained from the Hospital Facilities and Engineering Department. University housing maintains their own Key Shop. Keys to Research Park facilities must be obtained from the individual building owners. All other keys are obtained from the Key Shop in Facility Operations. Under no circumstances shall departments obtain keys from other sources.
    5. All digging, filling, or paving on campus requires a permit issued by Facility Operations. This requirement has been established to protect personnel and underground utilities. Permits must be obtained at least 72 hours (not including weekends and holidays) before any digging, filling, or paving commences.
    6. All departments and/or contractors requiring utility line connections (electricity, water, gas, sewer, etc.) shall obtain a Utility Connection/Shutdown Permit from Facility Operations. The permit must be obtained at least 72 hours (not including weekends or holidays) before the connection is to be made.
    7. Modifications to existing facilities or systems whether performed by Facility Operations or an independent contractor, must be approved by and coordinated through Campus Design and Construction. All remodeling, installations, and upgrades should be in compliance with the University standard design guide specifications.

Approved: Board of Trustees 7/8/96

Editorially revised 5/24/204

Policy: 3-210 Rev: 3
Date: July 8, 1996
Last Updated: 8/4/21