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Rule 1-007A: Governing the Use of University Facilities by the University Community

University of Utah Scheduling Office

  1. Reference
    1. University Regulations, Policy and Procedures Manual, "University Speech Policies," Number 1-007.
  2. General Policy
    1. These regulations establish procedures for the use of University facilities by members of the University community and their organizations, as defined by reference listed above, apply only to the areas and/or facilities which fall under the scheduling jurisdiction of the Scheduling Office and apply to all events in or on the campus facilities/areas covered by these regulations. Unauthorized use of facilities, i.e., nonscheduled, or nonconforming, to these regulations will not be permitted.
  3. Responsibilities
    1. The Scheduling Office has primary responsibility for scheduling facilities of the University. These facilities include outdoor campus areas, auditoriums, classrooms, physical education facilities, plazas and other outdoor areas, and generally all other areas except specific facilities assigned to and controlled by academic colleges, departments or other campus agencies. These latter facilities consist primarily of offices, conference rooms, laboratories, seminar rooms, computer facilities, libraries and study rooms.
  4. Scheduling Priorities and Standards
    1. Requests for use of University facilities are considered in the following priority:
      1. Regularly scheduled University academic, research, and public service programs and activities, scheduled classes, scheduled collegiate contests, commencement, and other academic conferences, institutes or public ceremonies.
      2. Nonscheduled functions and activities of the University or individual building occupants or departments.
      3. Functions of student, faculty and staff organizations.
      4. Meetings and conferences of national and regional societies, and academic and professional organizations with established University relationships or associations.
      5. Nonprofit public service or charitable activities or programs (See paragraph B7, below for statement of appropriate charges).
      6. Meetings of community groups, including but not limited to political parties, civic and service organizations, fraternal groups, and others, such as, Utah Symphony, Ballet West, Utah Opera Company, etc.
    2. Requests are considered based on the following criteria:
      1. The use must be appropriate to the nature and purpose of the facility.
      2. The use must not interrupt or interfere with regularly scheduled University programs or functions. The use must not preempt other uses of higher priority.
      3. The use must not place facilities, property, participants, or spectators above an acceptable level of risk of harm, damage, or injury as evaluated and determined by the Scheduling Office and the Director of Public Safety. The University Risk Manager shall be consulted periodically to insure that appropriate concerns are addressed.
      4. The use must not violate any applicable law or regulation.
      5. The use may not be allowed for the personal or private gain of individuals.
      6. All out-of-pocket costs for maintenance, security, special custodial and other support services must be paid by the user.
      7. Mistreatment of persons or property, or violation of University regulations and policies, as pertains to use of University facilities, may constitute justification for denial of future requests from the same individual, organization or group.
    3. University Police Support
      1. The need for University police officer support, in conjunction with any use of facilities or areas, shall be determined by the Scheduling Office, in coordination with the Director of Public Safety, and shall be arranged by the Scheduling Office. Users shall be required to reimburse the University for any costs arising from police officer support.
      2. University police are authorized to immediately cancel any event if in their judgment an unacceptable risk level to University facilities, property, participants, or spectators has been reached.
    4. Parking Requirements and Restrictions
      1. Parking regulations are enforced all year, including periods when classes are not in session. Members of the University community, plus visitors to the campus, must comply with parking regulations as published by the Division of Parking Services.
      2. For special events permission may be given by Plant Operations for a limited number of vehicles to traverse or park on campus sidewalks, plazas, etc., for purposes of unloading or loading materials, such as musical instruments, speaker systems, election campaign supplies, food supplies, etc. Vehicles so authorized must display approved parking signs in the vehicle windshield area. Signs will be obtained from Plant Operations at the time of making the reservation.
      3. Any vehicle not displaying approved signs, or otherwise parked illegally, will be subject to ticketing and/or removal to impound facilities at the owner's expense.
    5. Outdoor Concerts, Dances, Activities
      1. Requests from members of the University community to hold a dance, a concert or other activities on outdoor facilities such as Marriott Library Plaza, Big Rocks area, Tanner Fountain area, etc., will be considered individually and on their own merit under the following criteria:
      2. Size of participating group. Requested facility.
      3. Adequacy of night time lighting that is available (additional lighting may be specified as a requirement).
      4. Availability of electrical power sources.
      5. Other planned or scheduled events on campus at the same time.
      6. Anticipated police officer support requirements.
      7. Normal ending times of dances, activities and other events on campus will be midnight. However, the University expressly reserves the right to require that any event end at an earlier time, given considerations of safety, crowd control, weather, noise and community interaction. This determination will be made at the time of finalizing a reservation/contract at which time all parties shall be made aware of any special ending time requirement.
    6. Sound Amplification
      1. Levels of sound from big band speaker systems, or other amplification equipment, shall not exceed noise levels indicated below, as specified by Noise Control Regulations of the Salt Lake City/County Health Department. Measurements may be taken at any University boundary or at any point within the property (facility) affected by the noise:
        1. 10:00 p.m., to 7:00 a.m. - 50 decibels
        2. 7:00 a.m., to 10:00 p.m. - 55 decibels
      2. Instances wherein sound levels exceed the levels described above will be treated in accordance with policies stated in the reference listed in paragraph I above.
      3. Sound amplification equipment used for dances, concerts, election campaigns, promotional activities and other similar events on Marriott Library Plaza or by the Big Rocks, etc., will not be used prior to 12:00 noon on regular class or exam days. In all instances, and for all events, the time of day and location of amplification equipment will be carefully evaluated given the potential disruption of teaching, studying, research and administrative activities.
    7. Food Distribution
      1. University, state and local health department regulations require that any food sales, or food items that are distributed free of charge, be approved through issuance of a temporary permit. This will include baked goods sales, canned food drives, MayFest food sales, box lunches, distribution of Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, etc. (Regulations covering food handling by groups are available at the Scheduling Office.)
      2. Distribution and consumption of food is not allowed in auditoriums, classrooms, gymnasiums, natatoriums and other University facilities covered by these regulations without the express permission of the facility manager or the Scheduling Office. Departments or other operating organizations of the University will not distribute refreshments or food items where facility carpeting may be ruined or discolored from spillage. If it becomes necessary to either clean or replace a carpet in such instances, the department, group, or organization will be assessed the cleaning and/or repair costs.
    8. Rental fees for use of University facilities by members of the University community are not required under normal use circumstances. However, when an admission fee is charged, or special custodial services, or equipment and support services are provided, a rental/facility use fee shall be assessed in accordance with the fee structure maintained by the Scheduling Office.
    9. Members of the University community, in their use of University facilities, whenever there may be potentially unacceptable or unreasonable risk to either property, participants and/or spectators, shall be required to provide evidence of liability insurance, unless expressly waived by Scheduling Office, and shall agree to hold the University harmless from any and all liability arising from the user's use of University facilities.
    10. No alcoholic beverages of any type shall be in possession of or consumed by individuals in any University facility or outdoor areas scheduled under the provisions of these regulations.
    11. The University reserves the right to inquire into the nature of films to be shown in campus facilities to insure that film content is in compliance with laws of the State of Utah.
    12. The University further reserves the right to inquire into the intended disposition of funds obtained by members of the University community from the use of campus facilities for fund raising purposes.
    13. The University will neither grant nor deny permission to use University facilities for any reason that is in violation of constitutional standards or discriminates on the basis of race, color, ethnic origin, sex, sexual preference, religion, disabled status, age, political belief, or other impermissible basis.
  5. Scheduling Procedures
    1. Members of the University community and campus organizations may obtain the use of University facilities by submitting a request to the Scheduling Office. Presentation of University ID may be necessary to satisfy requirements of University community membership. The request shall include the following information:
      1. The name of the organization or the name and identification number of the requesting member.
      2. A brief description of the intended use, including the name of any speaker or speakers, and the general topic of an address, if applicable.
      3. The anticipated number of persons who will attend.
      4. Whether an admission fee will be charged and, if so, the amount and purpose of such fee.
      5. Any special facilities or equipment required for the use of the facility.
      6. Any preference for specific facilities.
    2. Users of campus facilities shall be required to sign a statement in which the requestor agrees to be liable for any fees, assessed out-of-pocket expenses or damages resulting from the applicant's use of the facility.
    3. The Scheduling Office may provide assistance by indicating which other agencies on campus are able to provide extra chairs and tables, additional sound or audio visual equipment, or other support services. Campus organizations which have campus order capability may wish to complete their own arrangements and make separate payment for services and support rendered. The Scheduling Office will provide billing and payment services to members of the University community who do not have campus order capability, yet who may be authorized use of facilities for events which require additional support, and for which payment must be rendered.
    4. If the facility reservation is not completed at the time of receiving a request the Scheduling Office will reply as soon as practicable.
    5. If a member of the University community or organization objects to the denial of a scheduling request, the assignment of a particular facility or the assessment of fees or out-of-pocket expenses, the requesting member or organization shall have a right to appeal the denial, assignment or assessment to the Committee on Student Affairs, which shall hear the appeal and render a decision as soon as practicable but in any event not later than five (5) calendar days after the date of the appeal. The decision of the Committee on Student Affairs shall be final, except as to claims that the action of the Scheduling Office or the Committee on Student Affairs violates academic freedom or rights guaranteed by the United States or Utah Constitutions which shall be heard by appeal to the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee under the rules and regulations established by that committee. The recommendation of the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee shall be transmitted to the Academic Senate and the president. In cases where the president concurs with the committee recommendation, the president shall notify all involved parties of the decision and the Board of Trustees at its next regularly scheduled meeting. In cases where the president disagrees with the committee's recommendation, the president shall transmit the committee recommendation, with his or her recommendations to the Board of Trustees at its next regularly scheduled meeting for a final decision.
  6. History
    1. This Rule was originally numbered as Regulation A of Policy 1-007: University Speech Policy. At the October 3, 2011 Academic Senate meeting, the members requested that this document be renumbered as Rule 1-007A.

Rule: 1-007A Rev: 0
Date: May 23, 1988
Last Updated: 3/8/22